Company Profile

Imbali Funeral Furnishers was established in 1941 by the late Mr Heera Jadoo. The name Imbali meaning flower was adopted from the then newly developed Imbali township. Imbali Funeral Furnishers are renowned for providing dignified, professional services to the communities and people they serve for over 70 years and are known for their empathetic and endearing role. Over the years of serving the community of Pietermaritzburg the company has had the opportunity of travelling throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, the former Transkei and Lesotho amongst other regions of the country.

Our Aim

Our primary function and aim is to assist bereaved families with the utmost compassion, empathy and respect in arranging funerals on the sad loss of a loved one. We aim to preserve the memory of a dearly departed loved one by providing a dignified, professionally conducted funeral services by our expertly skilled and vastly experienced staff. This intern provides families with the peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are treated with the utmost respect and care. We pride ourselves on providing our clientele with hygienic, modern facilities which includes several preparation and viewing rooms, a state of the art cooling chamber, a state of the art show room that boast a vast selection of imported and locally manufactured caskets and coffins as well as a serene, comforting environment for families to arrange the final requests of their loved ones.

We have been Here for a long time

Imbali Funeral Furnishers was the first funeral parlour in Pietermaritzburg to provide its clients with the exclusive use of a Chapel situated which is conveniently situated within the confines of the building which has been designed with all religions and cultures into consideration. The company also boasts a modern fleet of both imported and locally manufactured hearses and limousines. In addition to our services we also provide the following funeral policies at affordable premiums, tombstones, unveiling services, air freight both internationally and local, a huge selection of fresh flower arrangements, marquees, tables, chairs, ash urns, professionally compiled and printed hymn booklets, catering, hall, church and home decor and even counselling.