Our Services

We at Imbali Funeral Furnishers believe that every funeral is uniquely different with no two funerals being the same. We aim at providing our clients with a service that is personal, dignified and compassionate in order to ease to the grief suffered by the loss of a loved one. All our services are personalised to suit your specific needs and religious requirements by providing our clientele with a broad range of services which include :

  • Completion and Submission of All Documentation
  • Locally manufactured and imported caskets and coffins
  • Funeral Notices in various advertising media
  • Professionally printed and compiled Hymn booklets and pamphlets
  • Cremations and Burials
  • Arranging of Priests and Clergymen of all denominations
  • An in house chapel for public and private viewings
  • An assortment of fresh floral arrangements and decor

  • Tombstones
  • Unveiling of Tombstones
  • Traditional and modern Funeral Vehicles
  • Limousine Services
  • National and International Repatriation/Transportation
  • The provision of various ash urns
  • Provision of music to meet ones specific needs
  • Decor of various venues
  • The provision of Memory Booklets