The death of a family member is always a painful and often unexpected time,but the grieving process can be made so much harder if you are left with complicated, expensive funeral arrangements to make or funeral cost to incur. By taking out a funeral policy this will assist you and your family to spend time in arranging the funeral and providing emotional support to each other, instead of worrying about funding the funeral costs.

Why do I need a Funeral Policy?

A funeral policy will help pay for your funeral or that of one of your loved ones. Funerals are expensive and a funeral policy helps you pay the funeral costs. Funeral policies allow for the burial or cremation of loved ones in a dignified way without worrying about how they will pay the costs.

When should I take out funeral cover?

It is never too early to take out a funeral policy, as life is unexpected and nobody knows when one is going to be faced with the harsh reality of suddenly losing a loved one. Our funeral covers are structured in an affordable and specific manner to cater for all persons irrespective of their age, thus leaving you with peace of mind and reassurance that in the untimely event of a loved one passing you can rest assured that the funeral costs will be taken care off.

Senior Citizens

We specialise in funeral policies for the elderly. Our senior citizen policies are affordable priced and cover is ensured after a period of 6 months.